How it works: Companies

Content creation for your business

You will receive the work done by the hands of trained and approved professionals in the line of desired content (including copywriter, proofreader and SEO reviewer).

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a contract to carry out this service, without loyalty?

There is no contract, no loyalty, no fines.

What is the procedure to finalize the contracting of the service and payment?

Upon confirmation, you will be sent a form (Content Roadmap) and a secure payment link.

We accept payment via ticket or credit card.

Do you have staff to enter the texts on our site and what is the average time for delivery of the first content after closing the proposal?

Our team can enter the content on your site.

The deadline for delivery of the first content is 10 business days after payment and completion of the Content Roadmap.

We have a platform where the client has access to be able to follow the creation of the content and request changes.

Best advantages

Monitoring content production

Through the platform you can follow the creation and review of the content being created. The revisions are unlimited * and you have access to the Editorial Calendar.

Original contents

We only work with original content creation. Our copywriters are ghostwriters, this means that the rights of the contents created remain with the contracting company.

Content with a focus on SEO

We are experts in SEO, content developed to generate traffic in Google.


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