Web writer: what do you need to know before hiring?
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For quite some time we have heard that content marketing is a promising strategy that tends to continuously grow. Furthermore, according to Aberdeen, the tool is able to boost by up to 6x the conversion rate. However, according to LookBookHQ, the production of good content is a challenge for 44% of professionals, and the reasons are countless. But a web writer, a professional that already has practical skill, can be able to accomplish this task more easily.

In addition to the writing skills, a web writer is inserted in digital marketing field and, therefore, has specific knowledge that boosts a business to achieve higher market positioning. Nevertheless, it is important to know who is really good in the writing space, so that your business goals can be achieved.

So, keep reading! We will give you tips about what to consider when hiring a web writer.


What is a web writer?

        A web writer is someone who is dedicated to writing texts for Internet. This professional may have a vast training history, once the greatest requirements that he must meet is good writing skills, knowledge on the subject that he is going to address and notions about the main recommended techniques, such as SEO and copywriting.                 

In some cases, companies (usually the bigger ones) prefer to establish a formal contract with the web writer aiming for his exclusive dedication, which can be an advantage, since the professional will have the chance to learn more deeply about the institution’s strategy. It is worth mentioning that, in this case, the writer will be working on the books and have his rights covered by law, for which the employer will need to respond.

        However, nowadays, it’s common to find indirectly or informally employed professionals, such as freelancer workers. The world’s changes have influenced the gig economy (type of work that values the informality, temporality and flexibility, which allows home office), reflecting in hoe new possibilities are faced and supplying our current needs.

        Accordingly, a web writer is the ideal professional type. Besides the writing skill, freelance writers often have experience in writing for different market niches, which may result in the ability to perform a more holistic approach to the subject related to your company (if it’s interesting for you, of course).

        On the other hand, if you prefer to hire a professional with specific training for your company, this can also be achieved. Be sure to highlight this requirement in your search and negotiation with the web writer.


Why do I need to hire a web writer?

Perhaps this question have already come to mind and, possibly, it will be accompanied by the following reflection: “Since I have enough knowledge of my work field and my company, wouldn’t it be better for me to produce the articles myself? What benefits can I get from hiring a writer? “

If you have enough spare time, know how to write clearly and pleasantly and have the ability to apply both SEO and copywriting techniques, great! Probably, you can do this work on your own. But don’t forget the other steps to do not waste your content marketing, how to make a good publicity, keep relationship with your customers, manage all the decided plans, because after all everything needs to be integrated in order to get positive results.

If you prefer to keep a greater and exclusive focus on other strategies in your company, or if you do not have available time, you can think about delegating this task for someone who can competently do it, such as a web writer. By delegating some of your responsibilities, you will be able to better perform your other daily obligations.

This work division tends to generate more production, gives the manager more freedom to perform other functions, increases process efficiency and improves business results as each one has a specific focus to follow. In addition, you can achieve essential factors to improve sales, including a more qualified team and gain of leads:


A more qualified team

When each member has a mission to accomplish, it is more likely that the professional becomes more specialized and skilled in that particular subject: the more a person performs a certain function in his field, the more knowledge, experience and skills in solving difficulties he will acquire.

However, despite the importance of specialization, the whole process needs to be integrated. If you hire the services of a digital marketing platform, for example, you will be counting on people who are able to help you reach your goals, since there will be professional who are expert in website construction, others in producing relevant content, also some expert in developing good digital strategies for your branch of activity, etc.

Nevertheless, the professional team may need action on your part as well, since no one better than the manager can give meaningful information, including the company goals, audience characteristics, the business particularities or relevant issues to be addressed.

The team will be all together with you, each one with an activity, but in search of the same goal. In the end, after the efforts of each professional, we will have a more satisfactory result.


Getting leads

The importance of paying attention to leads is due to the fact they are perceived as people with potential to acquire your product in the future (near or long). For this reason, they need to be fed in order for this desire within them to grow, until and they decide to buy.

In this way, a content (written, video, audio) tends to supply, gradually, what they need to make the choice. The content assists (1) in the maintenance of relationships with users, by answering questions, (2) to nourish them, with the exhibition of interesting materials, and (3) educating them, for the conversion of sales. All these phases, before the effective purchase, are important for the effectiveness of the process.

Thus, a quality content marketing, when coupled with the company strategies and after a suitable disclosure, generates an increase in conversion rate, which makes the website achieve more hits, leads and buyers.



What I should consider when choosing someone?

It is necessary to perform some evaluations before deciding for your web writer because, although there are good professionals in the market, there are also those who do not take the work seriously. Some aspects that we consider of fundamental importance are:



Although a training course is not required to work in this field, it is essential that the web writer performs some courses to be able to act more skilfully. It is desirable that the professional accomplish courses regarding notions of SEO, copywriting, content marketing, inbound marketing, among others. There are a large number of these courses available online and most issues with a valid certificate at the end. Try to find out which are the most recognized in the market.


SEO knowledge

If your purpose is to publish information on the web to attract and engage more customers, it is necessary to know the SEO strategy. This tool refers to the optimization of content for search engines, such as Google. When applied to a text, SEO allows it to be found by whoever performs a search with the keyword entered in it. Over time, it helps the site to get to the first search results.



Through the portfolio, you can have an idea of how the writer works before you hire him. Certifications and all his knowledge are essential, but you must also have at least a sample of his or hers practical skills.

By reviewing the content he or she has already produced, make sure it meets your needs. Another suggestion is to evaluate whether he has already created something related to the niche you serve, because this may facilitate his understanding about your requests. On the other hand, if the professional meets the demands listed above, but does not have much to show in the portfolio, consider the possibility of giving him or her a chance. In this case, you can agree on a first text for evaluation, and then make your final decision.


Previous agreement on payment and availability for production

The financial issue must be settled ASAP. Talk to the writer about the price of the work, forms and conditions of payment (before production, after delivery, deposit, transfer, availability or not of invoice).

Also, the deadlines need to be stipulated in advance. How many texts do you need per month? When will the writer deliver them? These points are important to avoid unpleasant surprises in the end.


Professionalism with web writer

If there is the possibility to get references from other company who has previously hired the writer, great! Otherwise, pay attention to the small demonstrations of his or her professionalism, including the punctuality in the texts delivery, commitment to a quality writing, consideration to the requests made by you. After all, you are looking for partnerships that can increase your success, right?

A strategic content marketing can bring great benefits to your business by increasing sales and profit. But to do so, it is important to know whether people who are involved in this goal can perform a valuable work. So, when hiring a web writer, be sure to follow all our guidelines.

Here we can help your business to improve results. We have a qualified team for the production of Digital Marketing content and professionals with deep knowledge in SEO to generate increased leads. Check out our plans and choose the one that best suits your purpose!