Working at home writing articles
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Working at home is no longer that dreamlike goal that dominates our thoughts in moments of fatigue or frustration due to a boring job. Not anymore.

Home office is already a fact for those who are adjusted to the new reality of the job market. The benefits, of course, are countless. Also, as incredible as working from home may seem, it is not so difficult to achieve this freedom.

Find here the advantages of being a freelance writer and conquer this privilege!

Home office as freelance writer

Do you want to have the perks that a formal job would not grant you? Then take a look at these:

Make your own schedule

Following the Employment Laws and having to strictly accomplish 44 hours a week, even after you’ve finished all you had to do? No way! Be reprimanded by the boss because you arrived late, even rhough the bus broke down and it was not your fault? Again: no way!

When you work from home, you are the owner of your schedule. Do you want to go for a walk in the morning and just start working after lunch? All right, you can do it!

Working from home with what you like to do

Is it possible make money by working with what you enjoy as a writer? Yes, it is! You just need to know how to make interesting articles for the web.

The work does not need to provide you that harrowing feeling on Sunday night. Likewise, you can wait expectantly for Monday to start to produce something that pleases you.

No need to drive or ride a bus

You do not need to face traffic or traffic jam, waste time looking for a parking lot or get a traffic ticket. Gas money will be a considerable saving as well!

Getting caught by the rain while waiting at a roofless bus stop? Or burning your brains (literally), at the same bus stop, on a really sunny summer day? And when you’re finally in the bus, having to struggle to find a comfortable place to sit?

There’s a way to leave it all behind. Feel the comfort of working without leaving your home.

Adjust your calendar

If you are not feeling well today, you can take a break and reward tomorrow. In case of an unforeseen situation with your child, family or friend, you can do adjustments to your schedule without having to ask your boss for permission.

No need to reconcile schedules with colleagues

You are starving, but you cannot go out for lunch because your colleague has not arrived yet? You really need to have a coffee and breathe fresh air during the afternoon, but you cannot leave the room because your boss just announced a last-minute meeting?

Working at home, these problems will no longer be yours.

Work from home and dress as you like

What office would let you take off your shoes and walk around barefoot? Few, right?

As a freelance writer who works at home, you can wear the clothes you prefer. You do not even have to worry about not repeating the same shirt all week. If you’re a woman, you don’t have to care about your daily makeup (think of how much longer your products are gonna last!). You can work just the way you feel comfortable.

Be closer to who you like

Maybe you have a child and have no one to leave him or her with,  or maybe you do not want to get away from her or him while you work. Or peehaps you want to pay more attention to your cat and dog. Simply put,  you intend to be more present in your family life.

You can achieve all this by working from home!

Follow your productive time

Give yourself a break when you feel you are not yielding in your job and then boost your productivity in that moment of great inspiration.

Which boss would understand that, suddenly, at 11:00 PM, your imagination began to take over and you cannot stop yielding in productivity?

Adapt yourself to the other obligations

Do you also have another type of work? Okay. Do you study for public tenders? Okay. Do you want to be updated about the new memes on the Internet? OK, too.

The freelance writer space gives you the advantages of being able to conciliate work with your other obligations. You will be able to choose the number of articles to write and will write them at the time that best suits you.

One thing to keep in mind is that autonomy is a big plus in this profession.

Always learning new things

Are you performing a monotonous job that is not adding anything and only makes you waste your time? You don’t need to put up with it.

As a freelance writer, you will always be reading and learning new things. Then, at the end of the day,  you’ll have that good feeling provided by doing something you like and at the same time, increasing your knowledge.

Producing wherever you are

You don’t need to do your work in that closed office environment.

Are you tired of your house? Then why not trying to write in a park, outdoors? Did you decide to enjoy your holiday and take a weekend short trip? So save part of your day to write, instead of overliadino yourself with work when you get home.

Working from home is just an option, since you can set up your office wherever you want. Even at a beach!

The feeling of helping someone

When you are writing blog posts, Books, being a ghost writer or even publishing articles under your own name, you are helping someone. Have you ever thought about that?

You are assisting both the client that asked you for the job and a user who read your article and discovers something unknown or solves possible doubts. You will be, somehow, teaching many people and making a difference in someone’s life.

The opportunity to improve yourself

When you frequently practice what you like to do, you are able to continuously improve your writing skills. Not all the work will provide you this opportunity, because several activities in formal jobs are monotonous and repetitive.

The labor relations tend to increasingly transform with the advent of the digital age. And it’s important to be prepared for this, once it can be a great advantage that leads you to get ahead doing that pleases you.

So, have these many positive reasons convinced you to, at least, give writing from home a try? Sign up as a freelance writer on Meu Redator platform and get started at working at home!

Enjoy and discover how to be a successful freelance writer on the platform.